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02 May 2013 @ 04:38 pm
08x21 - Short Episode Review/Reaction  

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08.21 The Great Escapist

For me it was an amazing episode.
It´s a short review so I´ll tell you what I liked most. :)

First AWWWW moment: Dean made Sammy baby soup ... *.* and then the airplane thing with the spoon it was so cute... A big AWWWWWW!! ♥

Second AWWWW moment: Sam´s childhood memories: The boys have been to the Grand Canyon when they were kids. Sam and Dean rode donkeys and Dean's donkey was farty. Sam was laughing like when he´s drunk. XD - Cute Weechester moments! ♥

Third AWWWW moment: Sam passes out in their hotel room because of his fever. Dean put Sam in an icebath.
When Sam wakes up he freezes and Dean put a blanket around his shoulders. AWWWWWWWWWWW ♥

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Seriously? I´m dying here guys...

Fourth AWWWW moment: Another childhood memory of Sam - Dean read to Sam when they were kids.... Comics and the story of King Arthur and the Round Table. Oh and Dean didn´t remember. XD
Sam: "I remember thinking - I could never go on a quest like that because I´m not clean" while he was looking at a picture of Sir Galahad in shining light....
So little Sammy knew he had evil inside of him? OMG!!!! ;__;
Sam: "It doesn't matter anymore because these trials ... they are purifying me!"
It still hurts Sam´s heart because he´s not 100% human... He hopes he´s going to be a pure human after he has finished the third trial.
I can´t.... I cry!!! - fuiejfihjdoeuldooejeopdhstw3oejcjkl - I´m hyperventilating. *.*
But is that really the reason why he´s sick... Are the trials really purifying him?

This episode has brotherly love overload!!! ♥ I LOVE IT!!!

And damn.... Jared was amazing in this episode. Brilliant acting moose. ;)

Can´t wait for next week....

Oh and by the way...I like Metatron! :D

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ex_valerie_607 on May 6th, 2013 02:35 am (UTC)
I could not agree more about all those moments. I love them all, too. :)

I have a special request for you. Since you are going to the convention soon, is there a way you could get me an autograph of Jared? I would send you back the money in about two weeks... with my first pay of work. I hope you would not mind. I always wished to have his autograph since the first day I love him...

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