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17 July 2013 @ 04:12 pm
My Season 9 Speculations  

gif by fiercelynormal

I have a theory about season 9 .....
after Brian Rose has posted this pic on twitter:

ineedyoutoodean:Is that fucking Alaina Hoffman.Hmm… "Robert Singer explained that she COULD return in a new meatsuit to try to dethrone Crowley"That doesn´t mean she WILL have a new meatsuit. So maybe it´s really her!!! :D :D :D I want Alaina back!!!Source

I believe S9 really has something to do with "The End" (5x04) and the Croatoan virus thing.

In "The End" Castiel is human and Lucifer is ruling the world and it was the year 2014.
Season 9 seems to play in the year 2014...
And Castiel is human!!!
Also cast & crew are filming on the "Watchmen" set again. Last time they´ve filmed on the "Watchmen" set
it was.... right - "The End"!!! Fortunate coincidence? I don´t think so...

Okay Sam and Dean stopped Lucifer so they have changed the future.
But who knows...
Maybe this time it´s Abaddon who rules the world?

That would be very interesting to see.

Dean won´t be like future!Dean in 5x04 because future!Dean was "alone".
This time Dean has his brother by his side. :)

So there are changes but there could be similarities to "The End". What do you think?

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padamoosegirl on July 18th, 2013 01:12 am (UTC)
I so agree with you, sweetheart. There are very good chances that there could be similarities with The End episode.

Psst. This is my new Journal. I have added you as a friend. I love you, my Sammy lover clone. ♥