January 27th, 2010

Jared And Me

Some Things To Say....

On 25th January was anodyne_apple  ´s birthday! :o) 
So Happy Belated Birthday my dear! *huggles you hard*
Hope you had a great day!
Wish you all the best in your life! ^^

And there are some new friends, I have to say "Thank You" for the add! :o)
The most of them are members of my beloved forum Supernatural Community.
Thanks for friending me back:

sammychan         since_ever          skizziert          lil_miss_coolio       

 franzimania         mauzzale             bela75             sunnychrisla 

smilingangel79    obviousplatypus 

So....THANKS!!!!! *hugs you all very hard*
You´re welcome! Have fun in my LJ! :o)

Something I have to say to my flist:

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