March 27th, 2015

I´m proud of us

Some new theories for the rest of the season

Not much episodes left till the season 10 finale and after watching episode 16 yesterday I´ve got some new theories. :)

[Theories under the cut]I´m really excited about a Grand Coven vs. MOL storyline.
Now Rowena knows Sam & Dean are the last survivors of the Men of Letters and they´re standing between her and her power source.
Maybe she will get Sam to make a deal with her? A spell to remove the MOC in exchange for the power of the Grand Coven.
Sam is desperate enough and Jeremy Carver said he will go down a dark path. Could this mean Sam will use dark magic? (Spoiler: Rowena has scenes with Sam in episode 19 ^^)
Would make sense. He has been shown to be interested in witchcraft last season and Sam has a lot similarity to Henry.
I really can see the writers going this way... and I WOULD LOVE IT!!!
Oh and if Sam starts doing dark things like that I can see MOC!Dean feels he has to stop Sam.
The influence of the mark would fuel his anger and he could try to kill Sam.
Hopefully he won´t because brotherly love is much stronger than the influence of the mark. ;)

I hope the Grand Coven vs. MOL thing is the story that goes into season 11 (with a markless Dean).
I also would love to get Henry back for some episodes.
In episode 16 we´ve learned there are more then one bunker.
What about bringing back Henry from the dead and make him the leader of one of those bunkers?
Would also make a great spinoff BTW. ;)

And bringing Abel into play would be amazing as well.
In next weeks episode "Inside Man" Sam & Cas need Bobby´s help in heaven.
Maybe they´re trying to contact Abel and Bobby needs to find him?
What else could Sam & Cas want from heaven that helps saving Dean?

I wish some or all of my theories will come into play somehow + I NEED A LOT BRO LOVE IN THE FINALE. I`m sure it will kill me but I want a broment in the finale that rips my heart out. Thanx!

That´s all for now. Let´s see what´s coming up next for our boys :)