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Result Of The Favorite SPN Episodes Poll

I did a poll about your favorite Supernatural episodes of each season here

Thanks to all voters! :o)

Here is the result under the cut:

Season 1

1.) 01x01 Pilot;  01x12 Faith     *6 votes*
2.) 01x06 Skin;  01x09 Home     *4 votes*
3.) 01x19 Provenance;  01x22 Devil´s Trap     *3 votes*

Season 2

1.) 02x20 What Is And What Should Never Be     *9 votes*
2.) 02x14 Born Under A Bad Sign     *8 votes*
3.) 02x01 In My Time Of Dying     *7 votes*

Season 3

1.) 03x11 Mystery Spot     *21 votes*   O.O What the fuck????
2.) 03x03 Bad Day At Black Rock     *7 votes*
3.) 03x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas;  03x12 Jus In Bello     *4 votes*

Season 4

1.) 04x16 On The Head Of A Pin     *11 votes*
2.) 04x21 When The Levee Breaks     *8 votes*
3.) 04x01 Lazarus Rising;  04x06 Yellow Fever; 04x18 The Monster At The End Of The Book     *5 votes*
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