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26 August 2010 @ 12:47 pm
30 Days SPN Meme  
So...back to the SPN meme! Hiatus was long enough....

Day 1: Your favorite character
Day 2: Your least favorite character
Day 3: Your favorite season
Day 4: Your least favorite season
Day 5: Your favorite episode
Day 6: Your least favorite episode 
Day 7:  Your favorite Dean crying scene
Day 8: Your favorite Sam crying scene
Day 9: Your favorite Dean death scene
Day 10: Your favorite Sam/other death scene
Day 11: Your favorite quote
Day 12: Your favorite funny scene
Day 13: A scene that makes you sad/cry

Day 14: A scene that makes you happy
Day 15: A scene that makes you angry
Day 16: An episode that scared you
Day 17: Your favorite SPN friendship
Day 18: Your favorite SPN romance
Day 19: Your favorite SPN song
Day 20: Your favorite recap
Day 21: Your favorite character entrance
Day 22: Your favorite minor character
Day 23: The character that is most like you
Day 24: An episode you wish never happened
Day 25: Something that you wish happened but didn’t
Day 26: Your favorite SPN fanvid
Day 27: Your favorite season intro episode
Day 28: Your favorite season finale
Day 29: Your favorite SPN fanfic
Day 30: Anything SPN related


Oh that´s easy!
I was so frustrated when I saw Adam in episode 04x19 Jump The Shark.
A nightmare that comes true....XD The third brother!
Ok, at the ending all my fears disapeared, but then in 05x18 Point Of No Return" he appears again! >.<
Oh oh... my biggest fears in my beloved TV show...a third brother .... or sister!!! It doesn´t matter!
The show is about TWO brothers, not three!
I hope so much that Sera is not going to make this horrible nightmare true! XD

So that are the moments in SPN that makes me angry!

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smut_slut: sam iconsmut_slut on August 27th, 2010 01:16 am (UTC)
I am in so much agreement right now! lol!!

You can see how much Adam doesn't belong just by looking at him. I mean, Sam and Dean don't look anything like each other, that's true enough but at least they have something in common....They're PRETTY!!!
Adam was decidedly not!

There are only TWO brothers, so unless they bring John back they are the only Winchesters.