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02 September 2010 @ 12:44 pm
30 Days SPN Meme  
Day 1: Your favorite character
Day 2: Your least favorite character
Day 3: Your favorite season
Day 4: Your least favorite season
Day 5: Your favorite episode
Day 6: Your least favorite episode 
Day 7:  Your favorite Dean crying scene
Day 8: Your favorite Sam crying scene
Day 9: Your favorite Dean death scene
Day 10: Your favorite Sam/other death scene
Day 11: Your favorite quote
Day 12: Your favorite funny scene
Day 13: A scene that makes you sad/cry

Day 14: A scene that makes you happy
Day 15: A scene that makes you angry
Day 16: An episode that scared you
Day 17: Your favorite SPN friendship
Day 18: Your favorite SPN romance
Day 19: Your favorite SPN song
Day 20: Your favorite recap
Day 21: Your favorite character entrance
Day 22: Your favorite minor character
Day 23: The character that is most like you
Day 24: An episode you wish never happened
Day 25: Something that you wish happened but didn’t
Day 26: Your favorite SPN fanvid
Day 27: Your favorite season intro episode
Day 28: Your favorite season finale
Day 29: Your favorite SPN fanfic
Day 30: Anything SPN related


Oh that´s easy! I love love love love the Theme Song of Supernatural! It´s the song on the DVD menu and of each second ending of the episodes! ^^
I jumped through the air, when I heard this song is on the "Official Supernatural Soundtrack" (Release: September 7th).
Wow! Can´t wait for this! Finally full length! ♥

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schwarze_ratte: Cas Faithschwarze_ratte on September 2nd, 2010 11:51 am (UTC)
Jup the Theme song is special =)
Besides the hole music of the series is gorgeous!
So many big hits from AC/DC, Kansas and so on.