Jared And Me

Still looking for a Jared Padalecki photo op for VegasCon

I hate to ask but could you help me finding someone who is selling a Jared photo op for VegasCon 2014 please?

I´m willing to pay more than the normal Creationent price. ;)

Oh and btw. if someone here is helping me find one and I´m successful I will pay $50 as a “thank-you gift” to the person who helped me :)

Thank you!! ♥

Jared And Me

Season 9 theories

For all who haven´t seen S09E11 yet DON´T READ!! ;)

You know what? I still think Sam has demon blood in his body.
I mean he didn´t finish the trials so he´s not completely purified, right?
AND I think Cas left some angel grace in his body, too.
Does this mean we´re having a Sam with demon blood and angel grace now?

And Dean...
I think with the mark he´s becoming more ruthless and evil.
I´m sure he still feels the torturous compulsion from hell.

I´m worried for my boys. :(
7x17 Sam(5)

Theory for upcoming episodes

GUYS!!! After I´ve watched tonights episode I have an idea...
Sam STILL doesn´t have his anti-demon-possession tattoo back.
And Dean is the one who will kill Abaddon.
We all know Abaddon is not a stupid knight.
And Dean seems to have the same destiny as Cain.
So what if Abaddon possesses Sam so Dean can´t kill her?